Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A Remedy From Mica Lane

Girl with Pink Sash

Girl wearing pink hat and pink plaid sash. Hat advertises Nichols' Bark & Iron tonic.
Sash and hat both call attention to this outfit!
"Girl with pink sash" cutout advertised a tonic and "nervine," called Nichols' Bark and Iron, distributed by Billings,Clapp and Company of Boston MA in 1884.

On the reverse of their trade cards, Billings, Clapp & Co. advertised Nichols' Bark & Iron as a "remedy" for:

Loss of Appetite
Low Spirits
a general feeling of Weakness & Exhaustion
a Disinclination to Exertion of Any Kind
Shattered Nerves
Nervous Excitement
"especially adapted for Clergymen, Counselors, Journalists and Persons of Sedentary Habits" 
"The Elixir of Life to Thousands"
reverse of Girl With Pink Sash advertises tonic made by Billings, Clapp & Co.
Reverse of "Girl With Pink Sash"

 "In 1869, Wellesley resident Albion R. Clapp purchased a piece of land along the Charles River that also abutted the Lower Falls spur track and railroad station. This location was perfect for manufacturing and Clapp partnered with Charles E. Billings in 1872 to create Billings, Clapp & Co. This successful company produced drugs and chemicals that were displayed at the 1876 Centennial Exposition held in Philadelphia, PA. The plot of land that Billings, Clapp & Co. occupied also included a right of way so that the factory would be accessible to Washington Street. This right of way is now known as Mica Lane." - from Wellesley Historical Society

Billings, Clapp & Co. exhibit, 1876 Centennial Exposition, Philadelphia PA     photo credit: Free Library of  Philadelphia
Billings, Clapp & Co. building, Sept 2017, Google Street View